What are the timings of Indian Stock Market Exchange ?

The Indian Stock Market is up from Monday to Friday every week. There could be closure and day in case of any special occasion or weekends.  The timing for Indian Stock Market Exchange is from 9:00 to 4:00 However, the real timing for trading in Stock Market is from 9:15 to 3:30 . The first fifteen minutes is opened for placing intraday orders and matching totals buys with the total sells.  Whereas, the last 30 minutes are for the brokers to settlement of the charges with the Stock Market and squaring off intraday positions. 

What is the difference between trading and investing

What is the difference between trading and investing?   Most people are always in confusion with the words trading and investing. And much probably they assume it as the same.  So, here the question arises if it's really the same?  The answer is a bold No # Let's understand the general difference between the two ::  Trading - It refers to the day-to-day buying and selling of stocks either as delivery or intraday.  That means if you are involved in the livestock market it's trading.  For more information  Visit  Link :: Investing - It refers to value investing. It is the investing in stocks seeing its long future value.  That means you invest and leave it for a while to get an appraisal in its value.  For more information  Visit  Link For more such related blog,  Follow  The Money Ink

Is Bitcoin legal in India?

As we all know, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world is BITCOIN.  Currently, the value of 1 Bitcoin is high up to 41,93,434.38   Indian Rupee  And with the help of graphs, we can find that the increase was not eventually...  But when it comes to trading and investing in Bitcoin in India, people are always found in a dilemma That's so because the RBI always being unclear about the terms and conditions for using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.  Everybody knows the misuse happening with bitcoin over the deep and dark web for purchasing arms, weapons, drugs, and other stuff in the black market.  # It's 100% legal to use cryptocurrency in India.  Note: The RBI in its latest terms had restricted the use of bitcoins in some way.    A person can't be liable to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment.  He can constitutionally deny accepting it.  Forex - If you go to a restaurant and decide to pay through Bitcoin, it's the owner's chooses to accept it o

Use the 60-30-10 rule

Have you ever made a budget list at the starting of the month or maybe at the end just to know how much was your expenditure?  It really sucks, isn't it?  People always wonder where to spend money and then save the leftover with them...  Warren Buffet once quoted " Don't  save  what is left after  spending , but  spend  what is left after  saving .” Dividing your income into pre-planned units will help you be better with your money in savings, investment, and expenses.  60-30-20 Rule!  *Let the 60% of your income be total as your savings the time you get your income in hand.   For instance, if you receive 1 lakh as a lumpsum amount then put 60,000 in your savings as an investment, FD, bond, or wherever you feel secure to do so.  * Let the 30% income cover all your expenses like daily needed groceries, general merchandise, clothes, with the payment of bills and taxes.  For example, if the total amount is 1lakh then use 30,000 as your general expenses

Top 5 Best and Must Read Books on Finance, Investment and Economics

" Books don't change the way you look at the world, but it changes the world itself for you. "                            - Nomad Robinson People are low in finance and investment because they never tried to be high. Here's the list of the best ever books ever published on Finance, Investment, or Economics that you will regret not reading it!  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad             By Robert Kiyosaki       The New York Times Bestseller for 3 years in Finance and the most sold book on amazon of the particular genre.  This book gives you a very exciting aspect of the cash inflow and cash outflow and the best part is, that, it is connected to a fiction of two dads and it won't bore you so.  Here's the audiobook on youtube. You can check now  Rich Dad Poor Dad Audio Book .  2.The Intelligent Investor           By Benjamin Graham This is a masterpiece in its own area of investment. As per its drawn name, it is about how intelligent peo

What are some best skills to learn to earn ?

If you too wanna master money skills and gain knowledge about handling money, here are some best-suggested areas you can make your own!  1.Capital Market   This is the place you have heard about making people rich over-night and sometimes bankrupt too.  You need vast knowledge in the areas as here the same applies which people say as 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'.  You can opt for a proper course on the stock market, mutual funds, and ETFs.  These are the ones which people pay the least attention to in India. In America, the no. of people who invest is more than 70% while in India it is still around 10%. People don't know this so they don't know the power of this.  2. Solopreneurship    It's the internal development in relation to the business world and techniques of marketing.  It will help you in your overall personal development too. In solopreneurship, you can touch the areas related to skills in money matters.  3.Tax - saving

How much time your money will take to get doubled ?

If you too wonder sometimes, thinking about your money that when it will get doubled?  Here's the way | Point 72 Rule Modern mathematicians and economists have derived a simple maths formula, which is  No. of years to double money = 72/r                            where r = rate of interest • Divide the rate of interest you are getting on your capital with 72 and the answer will be the number of years required.  Ex -  Suppose, you got an F.D of 1 lakh on 6% per annum. Then,                           = 72/6    No. of yrs     = 12 [ If you get your F.D for 12 years then, at the end of the 12th year,you get 2 lakh rupees ]   Thanks for reading!  Follow our blog and don't forget to comment to give your views.  For more such articles, read our blog  The Money Ink